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Alarm 200 ™

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With this plan you get immediate notification if there’s a problem within your home. In the event of a break in, the system automatically calls up to four programmed telephone numbers, including mobiles, with a pre-recorded message. Plans available from just £18.52 a month including emergency call-out engineer. With this plan you get the opportunity to respond instantly to any crisis.

  • Automatic break-in alert (message sent to mobile or landlines)
  • Internal siren also alerts neighbours and informs burglars they have been detected
  • Annual service visit
  • Free parts and labour warranty
  • 24 hour customer care line
  • 24 hour engineer call-out for immediate assistance

All our plans offer 24-hour protection for your home or business. If you have concerns about security in your area or need advice on which plan might best suit your needs and location please call us now on on 01224 953065.

Plan Overview


Alarm 200 ™


Intruder alert/Maintenance


£18.52 a month

would suit


A strong performer in both the domestic and commercial markets and would give added peace of mind to remote homes and properties.

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