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Door Entry Systems


Our company has years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of traditional door entry systems in Aberdeen, Moray and the North East of Scotland. Traditional systems include the basic key features required to monitor and control visitor access to your home or business. Aberdeen Alarms can install everything from simple wall-mounted audio handsets to full-colour Videophones with lock release buttons, privacy switches and full camera recall. We also do simple buzzers and intercoms. These are wall-mounted panels that typically come in stainless steel, aluminium or chrome finishes. Whichever option you choose, you get the benefit of 24/7 screening.

Removing the unknown

One of the major causes for further security is lack of control, not knowing who or what is out there. Door entry systems remove the elements of uncertainty that arise with the unexpected. With audio and visual authentication you will no longer be opening the door to the unknown, keeping your assets and your family are safe.

All the entry systems we install are robust, impact resistant and easy to use and manage.

Door Entry Stations
  • Wall mounted buzzers & speaker systems
  • Telephones, videophones, apartment stations and video monitors with handsfree speech
  • Door accessories such as exit buttons, break glasses etc and apartment accessories such as additional sounds & strobes etc
  • Timed strobe units for the hard of hearing
  • Typical features include adjustable call melodies, number of rings, volume control and colour & contrast adjustment
  • All systems come with cabling, speaker units and wall mounts.

We understand that you are going to have a lot more questions. Aberdeen Alarms are happy to discuss all the options available for a price that suits you best.
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What to think about

Type of property

Are you domestic or commercial? If you are on a business or trading estate, or exposed to late night vandalism you may want to consider a high-impact resistant, anti-vandal panel.


Will the height or position of your system cater for those in wheelchairs? Being hard of hearing or are visually impaired may also have an impact on the type of system you’d like us to install. But don’ worry, there are options.

Door Entry Repairs

Many of the door entry systems installed in and around the Aberdeen & Moray regions will be some twenty or thirty years old. As no doubt you are aware, faulty handsets can be a significant hole in your defence. The good news is that you do not always have to replace the entire system. Give us a call to discuss options.

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