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Smart App Technology


Smart Apps and mobile activation is a revolutionary new way to protect your home combining classic age old techniques with cutting edge technology.

In the old days home security amounted to little more than having an alarm go off when an intruder entered your house. And whilst this is fine in certain contexts our busy modern lifestyles require a little more flexibility.

No more false alarms!

With Smart Apps and Mobile activation you can set your alarm remotely from your Internet browser or your mobile. You can actually see images of your rooms in real-time, deactivate rooms at the touch of a button, have a monitoring centre respond promptly to any break-in or unxpected fault. And should that forgetful family member stumble in, trip the alarm and forget their access code: well Smart Apps can sort that instantly, meaning you don't have to leave work early, drive home from gym or rush back from the pub.

Smart App Benefits
  • Set and unset the alarm at anytime and anyplace using a smart phone or tablet.
  • View picture streams of your home at any time, viewable within seconds.
  • Check on an elderly relative, or make sure the kids are up and out of the house in time for school.
  • Ensure family members have arrived home safely.
  • Make sure the teenagers are not partying whilst you are away.

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What do I need?


The iRISCO app is available for both iPhone and Android handheld devices. Smart Apps allow users to manage the alarm system remotely through its communication with the cloud-based servers.

Compatible System

Although features vary from one manufacturer to the next, Smart Apps are built into several of the alarm systems we install including the Agility 3 and Lightsys systems

Internet Browser

It doesn't matter whether you have a computer, a laptop or tablet device, as long as you have an Internet connection and a web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc) you can still take advantage of all these cool features. Simply log into your control panel.


“Love this app! This app is so handy. I haven’t used my keypad in ages. It times out now and again but I can live with that. Being able to switch my lights on without leaving the sofa is class. When the alarm activates the app lets me take control immediately. THUMBS UP!!” — Graeme Leonard, Aberdeen

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